Июль 2022


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  • Berlizova D. – Moscow Trio on the History of the Formation of the Performing Traditions of the Moscow Conservatory
  • Chenyu W. – Trio for Piano, Violin and Cello by M. Ravel as an Example of Individual Interpretation of the Genre
  • Efimov I.V. – Jewelry and Ornamentation of Baroque Music
  • Goncharenko S. – On the Question of Double Finals in Beethoven’s Quartet №13
  • Grishchenko E. – String Quartets A.C. Glazunov Formation of the Genre in the Work of the Composer
  • Lavchyan A. – Piano Quintet by D.D. Shostakovich – Performing Principles and Style
  • Mambetova G. – A Holistic Analysis of the Epitaph for Cello and String Orchestra by Merzie Khalitova
  • Ostrovskaya G. – Traditions and Innovation in the Implementation of the Genre of the Quartet in the Works of D.D. Shostakovich
  • Rubtsova D. – String Quartet as a Genre and Style Phenomenon
  • Sevastyanova L. – Quartets A.C. Glazunov is an Attempt at a Critical Review
  • Sokolvyak N. – On Innovations in Domestic String Quartets of the Last Third of the XX – Early XXI Centuries.

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